Soul Activation Meditation

Join Meg, as she guides you through a journey into the realm of your Inner Wisdom. Release stagnant energy and tune into the frequency of Intuition in this free guided meditation. 

During this meditation, you will be guided to clear and activate your chakra system - releasing stagnancy and activating flow. Through this clearing you be able to connect with and tune into the guidance of your highest self. During this meditation you will travel into the origin of your consciousness. Receive your soul word and activate its frequency within your being. With the frequency of your Soul Word activated within, your internal guidance will be strengthened and programmed so that you can begin taking inspired action effortlessly, resulting in abundance and ease.  

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"As a result of my work with Meg I have been able to find so much more joy in every day and every single action. I have found the pleasure and confidence in my work and I have strengthened my connection to Source and my guidance system. I no longer feel like I’m on an emotional rollercoaster, but instead I’m embracing the uncertainties of each day and building a solid foundation for my life and my faith. She was very tuned in to my specific needs, her guided meditations provided insurmountable amounts of relief. I felt so light, grounded and confident in my own guidance"  

- Domé M.

"Since working with Meg, I have released the self-limiting beliefs I once carried. I rise with purpose in my craft, knowing I do not have to be on one path only. In addition to my private practice, I am currently involved in a multitude of creative projects, including writing a book, co-hosting women’s retreats globally, and empowering people through sacred healing circles. I have accomplished more in the last few months working with Meg than in the last two years combined. If you are looking for true authenticity and are ready to catapult yourself into a new dimension, Meg is the ultimate visionary! "

- Alyse S..