Julyet Berlen and Meg Sylvester present

Reality Creation Course with Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson, International speaker and author of over 25 books on raising your level of cosnciousness and Success Coach, presents a 3-day live training to help you achieve your goals through becoming the next, higher version of yourself. 

In a playful but practical manner, you will join like-minded in activities, discussion and specific instruction designed to heighten your emotional state, discover and unlock your hidden talents, and discern between truth and fear. You will also be guided to uncover and release limiting beliefs so you can recalibrate your energy and put your focus on what you heart truly desires. 

The Course is speedily effective in that most students experience lasting improvement to their wellbeing and become more eager to act upon their intuitive insights. Put these two things together and you will find that you are achieving the goals you've been dreaming about your whole life at an accelerated rate.  

Want to learn how to unlock your potential so that you can create the reality you've been dreaming of? Sign up for the Reality Creation Course so you can begin designing the life of your dreams. 


What: Reality Creation Course with Frederick Dodson

When: November 10th-12th, 2018

Where: Los Angeles, Specific Location Will Be Emailed

Price: $999 or 3 payments of $333 

Hosted by Julyet Berlen & Meg Sylvester

Wondering if it's worth it? Watch this to decide for yourself.

This class is for you if...

  • You have mental blocks keeping you from your goals.
  • You want to manifest more money, deeper love and rewarding opportunities into your life.
  • You feel like you aren't living the life that's meant for you.
  • You know you are capable of so much more but you constantly self-sabotage your goals around relationships, career, money, and love. 

You deserve to live the life of your dreams. Here's how this class will help.  

Deeper Love

Learn to give and receive love without holding back. Release the fear of betrayal, being unappreciated or unworthy. 

Wealth Attraction

Become a money magnet by learning how to transform into a vibrational match for the income you desire. The sky is the limit! 

Health Mentality

Embody the perfect weight and eating habits. Learn how to create intrinsic motivation to care for yourself and become the picture of health.

Opportunity Magnet

When you get clear on the job, the money, or the title you desire, all you need to do is apply the tools you will learn to stay on course & attract the opportunities and results you've been dreaming of. 

Increased Wellbeing

Once you understand and embody the principles taught in this course feelings of worry, overwhelm and anxiety will lessen, while balance, ease, and tranquility will increase. 

Confidence Factor

Your life is a movie, and you're the director. You will be taught how to change the script & story of your life. Learn how to replace the fear of rejection and shyness with confidence and assertiveness. Your walk & your talk will transform.  

Tighter Family Bonds

You will learn how to guide your children to create the life they deserve. You will have the opportunity to make a powerful impact by sharing these tools with your children. You will more deeply understand your role as a parent and your children will feel the shift.

The Dream Life

You are the creator of your reality. You are in charge! So what's it going to be? More travel, deeper love, the dream job, the insane income?? Get the tools, release the blocks and become an energetic match for the life of your dreams.


When: November 10th-12th, 2018

Where: Los Angeles, Specific Location Details will be Emailed

Price: $999

Payment plan: 3 monthly payments of $333 *final payment due by 11/10/2018

What: Reality Creation Course with Frederick Dodson

Still don't think this is for you? Read this...

"I was living my life on a default mode - always making the same amount of money, living on survival and fear, broken relationships, thinking that I had no control over my life. I just thought I was living out my fate and there wasn’t much I could do about it. My parents had the same lifestyle so I just assumed that I was stuck with what I was given.  

I was getting sick just thinking about it everyday. I felt hopeless.  

Until one day, I had just had enough. I knew I had to make a change. I started to do some research and learned that the only thing keeping me stuck was me. I realized that I had the power to change my life. 

I found out that in order for me to get where I want to be in life, first I have to BE it. Then things fall into place. No hard work needed, all you need to do is align with your desired result.  

I know, it sounds easy, right? Almost too easy.  

Well, I’ve had help.  

I was given this book called Parallel Universes Of Self, written by Frederick Dodson, and I never looked back. He has written over 25 books and I’ve read only six of them. I learned so much and applied all his teachings into my daily life. I became so obsessed that I tracked him down and booked a coaching session with him. I cried half of the session because he got me, he got into my head and help me change my old beliefs about money, my role as a mom, my relationships and my work.  

With his teachings I have changed my life more than I could have ever imagined. I want share this with you. I am so excited for you to be able to spend an amazing 3 days with him to take you where you want to be.  

I’m so honored to be able to partner with my dear friend and soul sister, Meghan Sylvester, to bring Fred Dodson, an amazing teacher and my mentor to Los Angeles. His teaching have changed my life and this workshop will change yours too if you show up and do the work.  

Frederick Dodson is a true gift. I’m simply grateful and I hope you can be there. I’m looking forward to meeting every single one of you and to congratulate you for taking the first step to your new life.  

I'm ALREADY celebrating!  

Love, Julyet 

Julyet Berlen - Entrepreneur + Mother

"Years ago, I was not a fun person to be around. I had no energy. I was plagued with migraines. My acne was so bad that it took me nearly an hour to put on a face full of makeup before I would even consider leaving the house. On top of the health issues, I had a crippling case of perfectionism paired with a deep desire to become my own boss and pursue my purpose (even though I had no idea what my purpose was). 

I existed in a space between panic that I was wasting my life and trying to display to the outside world that I had everything completely under control. So basically, I was a big, hot mess of conflict on the inside.  

In the summer of 2013, I was out spending time with my daughter. The familiar feeling of a migraine started to seep in. My precious little girl just had to stand there and wait for me to get better. I was mortified that this is what things had come to. This wasn't the type of mom or women I wanted to be. I felt like a prisoner.  

I didn’t know what else to do except ask for help. At the time I wasn’t very spiritual and I definitely wasn’t religious. But I just sent up a signal and asked whoever was up there for help.  

And then my prayer was answered. The book I needed to drastically alter the course of my life appeared in my Amazon feed. When I saw the book, I had no previous knowledge of Frederick Dodson, but something about the title pulled me in – Parallel Universes of Self – it just spoke to me. The book taught me how YOU create your own reality. I learned that the victim mentality is just that, a mentality. And mentalities can be changed. I learned that I had control over my life. And not just my experience with work and relationships but with my physical health. With money, with parenting, with my internal wellbeing too.

All I had to do was get clear on what I wanted and then shift into the reality that it was already happening – that it already happened. I must admit though. this was confusing at first. I was a little clunky on acting as if my desires had already happened. But I built the muscle. I can’t imagine how much more accelerated my path would be had I had the opportunity to work directly with Frederick Dodson in a workshop. 

 Fast forward to today and I must say, I’m a pretty fun gal to be around LOL. I'm healthy and at peace. I’m no longer panicked that I’m wasting my life. My purpose found me. Through my own transformation I realized I was damn good at helping others walk through their own transformational journey. I’m now the owner of a flourishing business My mission, my pupose, is to empower people to manifest joy from the inside out by utilizing the power of their minds.  

I changed my entire life. My whole entire freaking life. Because of the principles that Frederick teaches. Frederick will teach you how to clear your blocks and shift your energy to attract what you want most out of life, Just as he did for me.  

It is with great joy that I partner with my dear friend, Julyet Berlen, to bring this workshop to you. I honor you for taking this step, this big beautiful stride. I can’t wait to meet you and to celebrate your successes. 

  Much Love, Meg  

Meg Sylvester - Mindset Coach + Spiritual Teacher

So... are you in?